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The Best Lines—and Crashes—from This Year’s Freeride World Tour 

The Freeride World Tour wrapped up last week with Xtreme, its finale, held in Verbier, Switzerland. Skiers and snowboarders competed in unforgiving conditions on the legendary Bec des Rosses face, a steep, technical, and exposed slope with ample opportunity for showmanship. Swiss rookie Maxime Chabloz and Kiwi Jess Hotter took home the series titles for skiing, and […]

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Insulated Jackets for Every Type of Weather

We’ve all been there: shivering because our jacket isn’t warm enough, or sweating buckets because it’s too thick. Well, there’s good news—puffies just continue to get better. They’re toastier on one end of the spectrum and more breathable, but still cozy, on the other. These are a collection of our top picks from this winter […]

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Our Favorite Surf-Inspired Snowboard Gear This Season

Decades ago, snowboarding was born from a desire to surf on snow. Early pioneers sought to carve the contours of mountains like the faces of frozen waves. Undeniably, snowboarding has come into its own since those early days, and for some, snowboarding is only distantly related to its surfing roots. And yet, for many of […]

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