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What’s the Best Time of Day to Exercise? Our Editors Compare Notes.

When it comes to exercise, are you an early bird or a night owl? For years, scientists have tried to determine how physical activity at different periods of the day impacts our bodies, and a recent New York Times piece tackles the topic. A February 2022 study had lab mice jog on tiny treadmills (cute!) […]

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Look Good, Feel Good: Our Top Athleisure Picks for 2022

The world is less formal these days. Almost anywhere in public—from the gym to the the store to the classroom—you’re likely to see folks leaning into the athleisure trend, which focuses on comfort and performance ahead of all else. Luckily, gone is the era of schlubby sweatsuits. Now you can look good and feel good […]

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The Best Women’s Workout Apparel of 2022

Norrøna Singlet Top ($49) (Photo: Courtesy Norrøna) Many tanks are either too fitted, too loose, or too flowy. This hip-length option from Norrøna hits the sweet spot. Because of this spot-on fit, we barely noticed it during bicep curls and long spin classes. Its seamless style and deep racerback cut prevent underarm chafing, while the […]

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This Stair Exercise Routine Was Made for Strength and Injury Prevention

Searching for the next great fitness tool? Look no further than your feet. Adding a staircase to your exercise routine can build muscle and decrease your risk of injury, says Chris Lee, a strength coach and the owner of Kinesis Integrated in Boulder, Colorado. Compared with on-the-ground body-weight workouts, stairs amp up the difficulty (thanks, […]

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