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The Case for Low-Impact Workouts

Natalie Laser had trained herself to work to the point of exhaustion. As a former competitive soccer player for the University of Southern California, sprints, high-intensity interval training, and strenuous lifting sessions were part of her regular routine. But at the same time, Laser was fighting an internal battle. “I struggled with disordered eating and […]

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12 Yoga Poses for Strong Legs

Summertime sends us outside—walking, running, hiking, biking, or standing still trying to catch a breeze. What do these activities have in common? They require us to use the power of our legs. In fact, many of our recreational and mundane activities require strong lower limbs. And while summer shorts and swimsuits put our legs on […]

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Why You Should Make Meditation a Long-Term Habit

This story was first published by Yoga Journal.  In eight weeks, you may be able to nail a challenging yoga pose, start marathon training, or become a regular at a new fitness studio. But changing your brain structure through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)? New research says that’s not likely. In the most comprehensive study published on the program to […]

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